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West Coast Air office in El Cajon


West Coast Air Oklahoma Roots
The Wright -Store front

West Coast Air

has been contracting in California since 1962. During that time we have grown into a very diverse construction company. Our projects include power plants, hospitals, schools and laboratories.


Fred and Laura Dudley


Fred Dudley, Founder

David Dudley, Chairman of the Board
Matt Fisher, CEO
James Clower, President


Our Employees

West Coast Air is very proud of the fact that most of our 118 (current) employees have been with us for 15+ years. In the up and down world of construction we think that really means something.

Our experienced and reliable employees take pride in their work.



Fred's Stepfather
Wright at 18 Yrs. Old

10 year anniversary of West Coast Air
Indoor Comfort news February 1972

West Coast Air Oklahoma Roots
1928 Shop and Workers

West Coast Air Company Update,
in 1971
West Coast Air Oklahoma Roots
1928 Shop and Workers-Union label

SMACNA and West Coast Air,
circa 1980





Central Plants &




New School Construction



School Modernization & Updating



Energy Services




Welcome to WCA Website

West Coast Air Conditioning welcomes you to our website.
On this site you will learn more about West Coast Air Conditioning and our ability to perform General and Mechanical construction services.  In addition, there are examples of various construction projects, contact information, and further details about our company.


Our Mission

West Coast Air Conditioning
has a mission to provide our clients with the highest quality construction yielding years of beneficial results and reliable service. Since our inception in 1962, we have strived to increase our quality in construction by utilizing our own past experiences and end user feedback.

WCA Projects

At West Coast Air Conditioning
we begin each project by putting ourselves in the owners position.  There is a Principal in charge of every project West Coast Air performs. We put into motion planning as to how we can facilitate all needs while causing the least amount of impact to the site.  This approach has proven to provide exemplary customer service to the end user.





1155 Pioneer Way Suite 101, El Cajon, CA 92020
Telephone: 619-561-8000 Fax: 619-561-3743



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